Extract phenological metrics from a fitted time series.

extract_pheno(data, method = "trs", trs = 0.5, ...)



List of fitted time series as generated by function fit_curve().


Thresholding method among "trs", "derivatives", "klosterman" and "gu" (see phenopix::PhenoExtract()).


Argument passed to phenopix::PhenoExtract() if method = "trs". It is valid also for method = "derivatives" thanks to a {sen2rts} implementation (it will be documented soon). Other methods do not make use of this argument.


Additional arguments passed to phenopix::PhenoExtract().


A data table with the following fields:

  • id: the time series ID (see s2ts);

  • year: the year (integer);

  • cycle: the cycle ID (integer);

  • begin, end, maxval: the dates of begin, end and maximum value in the cycle as computed by cut_cycles();

  • other phenology metrics, depending on method:


Luigi Ranghetti, PhD (2020) luigi@ranghetti.info


# Load input data data("cf") data("ts_filled") # used for plots # Default extraction ("trs" method with 50% threshold) dt_pheno <- extract_pheno(cf) plot(ts_filled, fitted = cf, pheno = dt_pheno, plot_dates = TRUE)
# \donttest{ # Customize parameters (e.g. "derivatives" method with 30% threshold) dt_pheno_2 <- extract_pheno(cf, method = "derivatives", trs = 0.3) plot(ts_filled, fitted = cf, pheno = dt_pheno_2, plot_dates = TRUE)
# Other methods: Klosterman dt_pheno_kl <- extract_pheno(cf, method = "klosterman") plot(ts_filled, fitted = cf, pheno = dt_pheno_kl, plot_dates = TRUE)
# Other methods: Gu dt_pheno_gu <- extract_pheno(cf, method = "gu") plot(ts_filled, fitted = cf, pheno = dt_pheno_gu, plot_dates = TRUE)
# }